Innocent Times

Written by: Kurt Kohls

My memory flashes back
to innocent times of days long since gone
those hot nights parked at lovers lane
wolfman jack playing my favorite songs

It seems like yesterday, in my 57 chevy
with Peggy Sue by my side
i was hoping to get to second base
she just wanted to go for a ride

I remember my palms starting to sweat
and the windows were getting a bit steamy
i mentioned Buddy Holly wrote a song about her
but she didn't believe me
so i pulled Peggy Sue closer
and we started kissing again
but time was of the essence
her dad said to be home by ten

She smiled sweetly
gently placed her hands upon my face
looked at me and said, i was a swell guy
but this is not the time or the place
so i gave her a peck on the cheek
and told her not to worry
we can take things nice and slow
i'm not in any hurry

So i drove her home and kissed her goodnight
but the night was young, with nothing to do
thats when i drove to the nearest payphone
dropped in a dime 
and called up runaround Sue!