Written by: Nate D.

Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

Linda Marie is a very nice and special BBF.
She gives us all her cheers and still has some left

She offers support, even when she is mad or sad.
She offers us hope, when things for us are bad

She welcomes everyone she can from the start
Giving you her warm smile like a true SWEETHEART

Never does she show us the meaning of negative
Writes about God and all the warmth he can give

Now that she has a new life with her husband
I prey for her happiness that comes with her wedding band

Reading our poetry without blindness
Leaving nice and sincere comments from her kindness

She has a gorgeous and delightful spirit, like a beautiful swan
Never forgets us when we are not logged on

Just a fair warning about this bomb shell 
She really is nice but still a bat out of hell 

Wishing her  the very best 
her comments simply are not like he rest 

Linda Marie you are such a dear
Always in the center of our sphere

Your charms connect when it comes to dots
Your brightness exceeds over 100 watts

To the one poetess who made me part of her bbf group 
Our...........Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of Poetry Soup

-SKAT'S contest