In memory of Romeo

Written by: Edward Orozco

If the sun sets before I die, allow me to say that I am love
For if my heart could speak, you too would know of love

See you not, for my heart weeps and it's tears fun and fall still in my soul
I miss her so bad, she is my whole world, and I nothing without her

Her smile is the image that portrays my ultimate happiness to love her forever
And I cry for tomorrow and her are not promised to me

For as long as I breathe I lover her more and more each day
My God I beg you, take this cup from mine hand and allow me to make her happy

I cant do this without her, I love her with all that I am
In your image I love, and in your grace I can have her and guide her in this life
Please, take my life if I cant have her, for this life without her isnt life at all