Her Tango

Written by: Melanie Samuel

She took one step toward bravery and was overwhelmed by fear
Couldn't breath, couldn't talk, couldn't think
She forbade herself to fall towards a terribly deceiving punishment
Cast out, banished, thrown out with mercy on her soul
She hung her head low as the fog fell around her
Deceit, the feeling of defeat, she is a lying, cheating mongrel
She is cast aside, an outsider, never to set foot among the superiors
Beaten down into her own guilt, never able to fully forget
She is constantly being reminded of a lesser time
Of a time when all has failed and regret has set in
She reaches for the light that she once saw in the distance
Hoping for capture its warmth, to heal the pain reeling inside
She feels an emptiness, a black hole, dwelling within
It eats away at her emotions, always hungry for more
She fights for her life, afraid of giving in
Never fully in, never fully out
She is constantly on the edge
Running, fighting, reaching, healing