Territorial District


Everytime I see your face my heart smiles
My curly brown haired
It's like it's been forever
My eyes feeding on your picture imprinted in my mind
It's taken forever to leave
Your castle embedded in my soul
Your smile hits me hard like the sun's ray at noon
Smithing the grey shadowy clouds of fearsome worry
Of a never see you again
I refuse to believe I can come to terms
The reality of you staring my eyes,binding,blinding
Can I get your shades?
My don in the academia
Running,longing,burning away in set pieces
Makes me feel your metallic core
Lounging lazily ploundering endlessly
I,left in this world with a you
A big floating ball tossed amongst us
As lows and highs mingling,switching positions
In hands of us who decides what happens 
In our territorial district