I See You

Written by: T.L. Drover

I see you 
insides twisting
heart racing
everything spirals out of control.
Jealousy spews its
emerald poison through
my heightened veins.
Longing and loathing
are equal partners in
my extreme discomfort.
It's not hate - 
not quite - 
but an aversion that seems
to know no bounds.
The sight of your
face fills me with
maybe just a little
Desire for friendship
for your attention
for your approval.
In the hopes that it might
calm the tumultuous churning
of my soul.
I yearn for peace that
seems so hard to grasp;
to best you, to be you
either way I want to 
conquer you 
so you can no longer flaunt
your existance
over my meager self.