Acerora Latte

Written by: Kaila B.A

I day dream in the coffee shop 
My cafe latte is ready and hot
My mind is thinking about nothing but you
wondering if you are thinking about me or not

I day dream about your cherry lips
My cheeks get stupidly pink
My mind is in the thoughts asleep
Not fearing to melt or sink

I wonder if I will get to know you well
I wonder if you knew that I'm gazing at you
You make me feel like a stalker sometimes
You make me feel stupid and dumb too

But then, I imagine your smiley face 
The latte gets cold coz i forgot to drink
I don't care anymore I tell myself
I'm so in to you, just waiting for a wink

Enough day dreaming I seriously stop
I take my cup and start to drink 
It tasted like acerora i don't know why
I started to day dream about you again and rethink