The Space that's within -

Written by: Liz Walsh

The atmosphere is electric with joyous anticipation
The musicians are readying themselves to perform
 You know some of the pieces that are on the programme
You settle yourself down and switch off your phone.

The concert is starting - the atmosphere changes
An energy filters to all in the room. 
A tuning of instruments, the looking at scores
Some rustling of programmes, a settling of bones -
The conductor emerges to a rapturous applause.

The greeting of musicians, old protocols fulfilling
This fuss gives importance to composers long dead
The excitement is rising – the audience is waiting - then
A gentle quiet plucking - a crash of brass cymbals -
Violinists  synergistically wielding their bows. 

Wind takes up some threads of the melody
Soprano in blue sings out from her soul
Her face is mirroring a wealth of emotion
Slow melody – a gradual build up - a crescendo sublime.

A solo on viola – entwined with some oboe -
Conductor is dancing – the harpist entrancing
Percussion joy-riding 
- an excitement of sound
Invades your serenity –

You sit up straight – alert to the music – 
Absorbing it all with each cell of your being
A smile on his face, your companion leans over –
“Keep this in your mind for when you grow older,
It will delight you!”