carpe diem

Written by: Liliana Negoi

the silver starlight embroidered the murmurs of that river
and he allowed himself to drown within the scent of ripe pears
flooding the air around him…
and while inhaling, he almost felt the threads of the past
knotting themselves in his chest,
memories hidden within the sweetness of the fragrance,
dizzying him like a strong wine…
he kept his breath for a moment…
‘you cannot hold time still…come on…exhale’,
he heard a voice inside him,
and he pushed the air out almost by force,
as if trying in the same time to exorcise his soul
of the remains of what-had-been-and-was-no-more…
‘too much dust in the air tonight’, he told himself,
and in the same moment he killed in the corner of his eye
the shadow of an almost born tear …