We better off

Written by: Kaila B.A

How is it great to wakeup in the morning
Without thinking stressfully about you
How is it wonderful to go shopping
without telling you what you buying and where to go
How is it relaxing to laugh with people
Without you telling me not to do
How is it nice to wear my mini skirt
Without you telling me, you are wearing this to who?
How is it peaceful to say its white when it's white
Without you obstinately calling the white blue
How is it just fine to walk my road
Without your people stalking me through
How is it easy to walk my door
Without you stepping on my shoe
That was not love I don't know what is sick
Is it your love or you?!
we are better off separated
I'll sing Usher's song for you
You should listen to it over and over
Because everyword in that song is so true
You should just forget about me
Because love isn't for me and you