With Peaceful Easy Strokes

Written by: Jayne Eggins

I mix the Grey 
of ash and soot 
into shade, ground 
from between the leaves
of midnight and dawn

as the texture of you
begins the pale
to nothing  

as each lift of the brush,
and every dab erased you
from the canvas of my life,
I realize,
I am overpainting each
and every particle 
of you

I meditate on the good
but with regret I forget, 
for in the remembering
burns a nothingness

I remix the colour
with a rainbows spray, 
and I fill the void 
where you once stood 

too long
I stood in the background 
of your Shadow painting 

I am a now
mistress of my own easel 
and my brush is reaching
out of the shadow
of you