Drifty Dream

Written by: David Pennington

I was feeling just fine, or so I reckoned.
As I climbed the spiral staircase to where, I just don't know 
I do know that it felt so great. 
As I considered my lofty climbing rate.

The steps seemed so soft as though stepping on air.
With nothingness around me as a light whispering wind. 
Settled so subtly upon my bare skin.
Where could I, in this spiral be heading. 

I only know t'was something I was not dreading.
Red birds did sing out an enchanting tune 
that twiddled my mind as flowers did bloom.
Now I felt the likeness of finding the top. 

As my mind did awaken and the staircase did stop.
And fantasizing where I had been then realizing the dream
Oh the splendor of resting my eyes in a book.
As my eyes did open and my nap I un-took.

David Gary Pennington