Last night

Written by: Craig Mewett

In the dark of the night
You dared me, I came
Our lives, our feelings,
Will never be the same.

I see you before me,
Please let me stay.
You beauty astounds me,
My breath taken away.

Your lips like velvet,
Kissing my soul.
You offer so much,
My heart is finally whole.

Holding you closer
I can feel your heart.
Our bodies entwined,
Never to part.

Your love enfolds me
We burn hotter than fire.
The love we feel,
Feeds our desire.

To be part of you,
what more could I ask?
One body, one love,
My feelings, you unmask.

Tell me you love me
Dont ever refrain.
I need you, I want you,
Again and again...

Heads on the pillow
How long will this last?
Eyes locked together,
My love cannot be surpassed.

Holding your hands
Your head on my chest,
I don't want to leave you
But you really must rest.

My body and soul,
My very essence is yours.
Forever and ever,
My love always endures.