He still teaches

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

Think of the last time…you made a mistake? Someone told you not to do it, yet you did it anyway. He still teaches…were just not listening. Remember, as you jumped from that plane? You thought you heard a voice say, “Don’t do it” As your shoot tore open just feet from the ground. He still teaches…were just not listening. That day you stole those clothes from the store, your mother once told you, “Don’t take what’s not yours.” He is still teaching…your just not listening. You spent all your money and the rent is past due, you know what they say, “A fool spends for the day, and the wise man then receives it and then invests it for the future.” When God sends people and silent whispers in the wind to teach you about life, receive his words and what he has been teaching…because God has not stop teaching. But we have stopped listening for Gods never changing words. He does still teach, you just need to learn to decipher his words.