The Road to "Recovery"

Written by: Mitch White

My instructor said "Just get in"
I reluctantly sat in the contraption
My legs were moved by a machine
Heavy breathing was my only reaction

Soon enough I was exalted
I got out praying for a nice swim
I was escorted to a contraption
That thing about tore me limb from limb

I guess wellness does have it's price
I could not even take two steps
But the thought of leaving, gave impress
And I didn't want any more tests!

My wheelchair was strong and had a good motor
I drove it down the highway to a gas station
I asked "How far to the nearest Interstate?"
He said "Your fifty miles from indoctrination!"

My stupid wheelchair stalled just out of town
I saw four buzzards circling me, overhead
A white van pulled up and took me back
Guessing it's better to be well, than to be dead