The Dog Sitter

Written by: Mitch White

I once sat a pet for a good friend
He said "come and take it easy"
The Jacuzzi and food never ends
Just until I get back from Belize

I said " You got it, I'll do it"
I had met Spot, he was cool
But, within an hour I was bit
Pulling him out of the pool

I had just got him into the car
I knew I needed some stitches
The hospital wasn't that far
He started barking in high pitches

I decided to leave him there
So I put him in the back
He fought me like a bear
He was on full attack

Bleeding from both legs now
I rushed back to the car
I turned when I heard a "growl"
There he was wanting to spar

I jumped up on the hood
He circled on around
I climbed up to the roof
To get to higher ground

The neighbor had just pulled up
I saw he was going to bite her
She used her Mace on old Spot
Yelling "are you the new sitter?"