A De La Keur

Written by: Kristy De La Keur Scoveille

The day that I have prayed for,
 Has finally come true.
For I am now and forever more,
 NO longer married to you.

Over are the days of running scared,
 And hiding out of fear.
My head is high and shoulders squared,
 Inside and out I constantly cheer.

No more bruises of black and blue.
 No more tears will be shed.
The divorce took the years of two
 It is if we were never had wed.

No more angst and strife.
 No more lies and alibis.
I am no longer your wife.
 This leads to my last surprise.
Surname of Shipp of which I despise,
 Is gone and now for sure,
I here and now arise
 Officially forever I am a De La Keur.