A Life Everafter

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

Oh seek these days of stern minds and proud hearts,
given a heavenly splender.
Smiles of hope, joy and laughter, 
given to this life everafter.
Beautiful blue skies, fallen leaves all around.
The sun rays bouncing off the water to gods heavenly ground.
Winds picking up upon a day so fine, would almost go unnoticed from earth to heavenly 
Thie birds are chirping in a distance and no boats on this find brisk day.
A bright winter day is one that sharpens all my senses and puts ones life at ease.
A life everafter.
The joy in my husbands voice as he speaks of a day when i was away makes ones heart go 
pitter patter at the thought of a life everafter.
A person could not be happier or more at ease after days like these.
No troubles in a weary mind of one.
A life everafter.
Life has been for a reason, and it does all make sense.
For it did not take a completed College Education, nor money or matters such as these.
Maybe just a smile or a sign of recignition to be happy to greet my life everafter.