Too much to dream

Written by: morvarid farjadi

I had too much to dream last night.
I didn't mean to take you by storm.
I didn't mean to scare you away.
I just had a litllte too much to dream.

I came into the room, you were there
I had to approach you the best way I felt I could.
I didn't stop for no signs.

Dreams of you and me, taking the rough with the smooth.
I let myself fall, hoping your arms would catch me.
I didn't stop to ask any questions.
I guess I had a little too much to dream.

Momma says a girl is nothing without her dreams
But I let mine take over. I had no control.

I opened my eyes and saw your lady standing by your side...
She wasn't there last night.
I'm sorry...
I just had a little too much to dream.