The Voice Within

Written by: Darius Knight

It are not the man you were once known as,
The hope, the faith, all the lost strength you could continuously regain after any
disaster seems to be a thing in the past.
I can see your anger...I feel that you think of yourself as someone who's worthless,
Everything about you now shows you have lost your sense of purpose.

You have the walk of a broken man who's sanity has reached it's limit,
The eyes of a disturbed being who's sadness dwells on the thought of his life being
nothing less than a gimmick.
That wonderful smile of yours can no longer mask the pain you feel within from the people
who care for you,
They see it...they all see you're getting closer to a breaking point and awaiting to see
what you will do.

It's not the job that's killing every inch of your brain now is it? it's something deeper of a matter that no one could easily admit.
You once quoted that "the most dangerous thing on Earth is a man who doesn't know his
What if just as equally a man who was on the right path has lost his essence that
connected him to his true purpose.

You feel that everyday you're slowly losing your mind,
Losing the very fabric that constructs the strong heart you posses that others can't find.
You need to need to jump and grab what's still left of you,
Because if you lose who you are...there is nothing that exist can help you.

For now to you and literally to you only there is one word you describe yourself to be,
As disappointing as it sounds that word is...failure...which is based on looking back in
life and judging what you see.

You scream it at yourself every morning,
And whisper it to yourself at night.
What has happened to the man we all once knew?
Hopefully soon I can stop being just a voice inside of you...