Your After Effects

Written by: Darius Knight full of many disappointments,
People treating others like worthless materialistic equipment.
This world is so cold it's enough to make a Ridah like me park himself,
Enough to make real intelligent people give up on his/herself.

The nights I have with you vanquishes the horrible chills I feel from pain and the cold,
Waking up to your beautiful presence excites my inner peace of mind and soul.
I want to touch you in a way no man has ever touched you before,
Nothing sexual but I can hold you in a way to make you want more.

When I'm looking at you understand at the same time I'm still thinking of you,
This may sound strange but I'm filled with many thoughts...many questions added with
answers too.
You may not be my girl but I miss you as if you're already my everything,
Trust me...I have no intentions on rushing what we just might have for I know this can't
be just a fling.

This isn't me being poetic...this isn't me being sweet and nice...this is me showing for
the short time of knowing are special to me,
Don't let my nature allow you to second guess what you already see what I can be.
These...emotions...are in fact a bit brand new and I want to experience more with you my
I trust you...I mean I completely trust you to the point I know you wouldn't leave me to

There aren't many smiles in this world that can conquer me and yours has done so,
There aren't many women that can capture my heart...but you have done that also.