His Return

Written by: Ronald Bingham


The awesome thing I long to see,
Is the fulfillment of God's prophecy.
When all that is bad is taken away,
and only love will be allowed to stay.

The only light that will shine that day,
will be from our Savior as He guides our way.
We all will have a mansion there,
in New Jerusalem under God's own loving care.

No more pain, sickness, or the sting of death,
as we give praises to our Savior with each new breath.
No hunger, no sorrow, no reason for fear,
for Jesus has returned and He's living here.

We'll dine with the Master, oh what a thrill,
just thinking about it, makes it hard to sit still.
And to gaze upon that face, the greatest of all,
he's come back, and none stands quite as tall.