A Slowing River Still Runs Deep

Written by: Jayne Eggins

All I did was blink
and suddenly frail and forgetful
had stolen the vibrancy 
I’d taken for granted. 

Your look still bears that familiar smile
which sparks an ebbing life 
and brightens dimming eyes. 
But when you think
no one’s watching, 

I am…

as this consumptive malaise 
pervades your sagging face
and spirits you off for poppy naps,
the flickering star-light  fades, 
I watch your mouth turn down 
In that soft dreamtime curve
and my heart cries the river
that floats you on eddies
of timeless sleep 

I know a day will come
our connection will be broken
your star gaze will not return 
and I’ll cry a new empty ocean. 

But until then,
in sleep’s folded caress 
a slow river runs calm,
its watery fingers polish 
the unforgettable shine
on the touchstone
of my love, 

hoping its undying spark
reawakens you.