Cloud Ten

Written by: Nate D.


 Nathan Dilts :-)

My babe, My Auspice, I want to give you this 
Its my heart on a string attached to a ring 
Wear it around your heart with a hug and a kiss
So you can always feel it beating for you, my everything
Hold it close and tight on those lonely nights
When you can not be together with me 
Let its beating set you on cloud ten near the light 
So love, beauty, and comfort is all you see 

My love, let us intertwine our fates and let them resonate 
With a perpetual system that glows and glistens
A spark of friendship destined by the stars to detonate 
My love, let our hearts sing while the heavens listen 

The perfect expression of a perfect emotion 
Nurtured and tended with affection unended
You are my moon and I am your ocean 
Let our love ride cloud ten and become transcended 


Poet Destroyer

My love, My Sweet, you’re my love and irresistible desire 
With an endless vow I will cherish your heart 
My heart for you is like a ball of fire 
I place this ring by my heart with the promise to never part 

Your heart beat makes this love complete
To give me such a gift one can’t live without 
Side by side I view the light on cloud ten with you my sweet
With your heart comes comfort and security and the beauty of no doubt 

My Sweet you spin my heart around
Like a kaleidoscope we will view every color we can think of
You lift my mind like a butterfly that floats off  the ground
Our friendship connected our fate into promises of the best love

The gravity between me and you gives rhythm to our hearts 
Our emotions will participate like a clock time and time again
You are the sun giving light to my ground creating the perfect art
Our energy will ride the wind and take us both on cloud ten

                .               ( Cloud  10 )
                   { Collaboration with } Poet destroyer