If My Pet Could Talk

Written by: ROHINI GUPTA

                    If my pet could ever talk, this it what it would say

                    I am a white little puppy, with some patches of gray

                    Watching nature, sniffing fragrance, begins my day 
                    I freshen up early, much before I see the sun’s ray

                    My cozy kennel is the place , mostly I love to stay

                    Running and jumping around, I feel happy and gay

                    Wild dogs try to harm me, but I keep them at bay

                    Cats often quarrel around, still I don’t enter the fray

                    I love to play with kids, and chase the birds in the hay

                    Heat and dust irritate me, during the month of May

                    While in the winters , enjoying sunshine I happily lay

                    When strangers  gaze at me , no attention do I pay

                    Don’t you agree ,I am following just the right way

                    Let all creatures be happy, to God I always do pray