Written by: Brandon Basson

I love the way you make me feel
I know it must sound selfish
You make me want to exceed the unreal
When you grant me all that I wish
A bottled genie of note at sea 
Folded in words on love stuck pages
Crimson sealed amidst stormy breeze 
Heart shaped lips floating through ages
Seeking release from an aching heart
Breaking the rules of molds and curse
I’ll be oh so gentle with the inner parts
Replacing the ancient worlds you traverse
I’ll free you into the sea filled air
Kiss you and follow to Eden’s anew
The scent of your hair shall lead me there
Curious to know what you need me to do
Experience the other side of the glass
And I’d be honored to take your place
As I waste in a prison where time doesn’t pass
I’d gladly do it, if that’s what it takes
For you to say the following words:
“I love the way you make Me feel”
Come poisons or be it falling on swords
Sea glass and driftwood sounds so surreal
Riding the motions of waves below deck
Nestling hope in the bow of my mind 
Sunshine emotions at each rise or set 
Vessels of love on course throughout time