Written by: Jodie Steward

Out just taking a stroll alone
I was amazed at all I had seen,
People in a fog hustling along
No smiles on their face or anything.

Skies were clear and sparkling blue
Hot ray's beaming down from the sun,
I happily hummed, looking around
Nobody seemed to notice me, not even one.

I was slowing approaching the park
When through the breeze I heard my name,
But, looking around there was nobody
I shouted "Just whose playing this game".

I proceeded to walk slowing and cautiously
Toward's what people call the fountain of love,
When once again my name was called
"Its me, my son, look at me up above".

Obeying what the voice just said
I stopped to look into the sky,
To my great surprise I smiled big
For, God's always there by my side.