Written by: Debbie Lee

I do not recognise my own face.
I have stared at this mirror too long.
Features blurred beyond understanding:
My eyes, nose and mouth seem to be wrong.

filled with uncertainty;
glazed with world-weary despair;
no longer conscious of suffering;
unwilling and unable to care.

wrinkled in self-disgust;
helpless against the world’s stink;
ignorant of all the sweet smells;
oh whatever would my Grandma think.

no longer expressive;
sneering even to my Mum;
filled with universal distaste;
twisted by logic which has gone numb.

battle of good and evil;
just playing out in my head;
withdrawing from reality;
wishing for religion to be dead.

My intention is not to ridicule,
For platitudes so easily sent.
Empty ideology and rhetoric
Means I feel compelled to vent.