Vamperic Truesisms of a Female God

Written by: Nate D.

Floating aimlessly in the abyss
Why does it have to digest so slow 
Maybe I should have severed 
The silver cord 
That would have really pissed her off 
And hell hath no fury 
She is content to let me flirt 
With what I want 
But not content to let me have it 
Instead she lets me waste here 
Nagging in my ear the whole time 
If god was sensible 
By that I mean a man 
He would have left detailed instruction
With a few helpful pictures 
But no 
Have to figure it all by yourself 
The only way she will let you 
Validate your love of her 
I only came here because 
I realized nothing mattered 
Maybe that is just what I told myself 
People who really don’t care 
don’t go around saying 
They don’t care 
I will do what I always do 
Twist it in onto itself 
If nothing matters 
It won’t matter if I try again 
So I will leave the sanctity  
Of the abyss 
And find my body once more 
And try to make her happy 
if no other reason 
then to get er to shut up