Written by: Debbie Lee

Damage done;
I’ve harmed much
More than I’d wish.

Within me.
What I lack,
Your virtue

So if I fall will you
In me?
Even when I’m lost
Will you
For me?

Confusion gone;
What was hidden,
Has become crystal clear.

To break the cycle,
I’m torn yet
Turn to

Hate is the burden I
Carry through life.
But if you’d accept
Me just as I am,
Could I be made
Whole once

Lost without a purpose,
Self-consumed with
Fierce doubt.

Yet it feels so wrong
To speak of freely giving
This calloused heart to another.
Can you forgive me?
Would you save me?

I’ve broken promises,
I’ve made many mistakes,
Too numerous to count even.
I’ve searched myself; I’m empty.
But the biggest fallacy I ever
Deceived myself into believing:
That anyone else could save me.

Salvation comes only from within.
And you have to believe you’re worth saving.