i miss you

Written by: alisa cook

                                 life is sad when you lose someone 
     but you alway's gain someone new . you could never replace a number one
and kinda woulde'nt want two. friend's come into your life and friend's go out of 
your life. why? know one  really know's. and all that remaine's is a gut for of guilt 
wondering why? i hate it when people come into your life and dont even say goodbye.
i hate it when they look you in the eyes and say i'll never hurt or use you only to hit
you double hard with it. how can a person be so mean to start a friendship and lie from
the start . why can't they be real and honest from the start . 
how can a person forget someone who's been there for them from the start? how can 
they walk away with a loving heart? and not care about how bad they tore the person apart.
        life is a mess these day's i see there's so much dishonesty so much lie's 
how can a person really get by ?