Written by: casper chubs

Love, i hope we will be able to see
I hope we can see it all
But only focus on what is you and me
And i know i will enjoy the fall

Love, i hope this is everything you hoped for
Even though i am far from ideal
Just know i love you from my very core
Now i know exactly what i feel

And i wish time didnt go by so fast
Because im scared that time wont last
Im frightened of all that has past

Love, i hope we can grow old
Because this is the secret to immortality
I just hope i never become cold
And that this hasnt already become reality

Its like you tore me apart 
Then put me back together right
Its like you stole my heart
Just like a lovely lover might

Through the depths of my only soul
There is a point that i am coming to
These words that were always my goal
Love, I love you