Dancing under the stars on an August Saturday night

Written by: Linda Witt-King

There was a party tonight 
here in the park where I live;
a three piece band played 
mostly oldies from the fifties. 
Some couples danced 
and that was fun to watch. 

I even got up and joined the chorus line 
of single women, movin' their moves
and struttin' their stuff,
after a glass and a half of 
my favorite vintage Cabernet,
and after reliving a very brief moment 
from at least one past life 
as a belly dancer, for the old guys 
who were egging me on...

One couple, maybe in their 80's, 
danced like two people 
who have danced together all their lives. 
One could imagine that their dance 
portrayed their life together,
honoring each other's individual movement while 
combining them to create a third rhythm 
and a dance all its own. 

Neither of them alone 
would have been nearly as captivating 
as the two of them 
were together. 
Have you ever noticed that?