Life Changing

Written by: casper chubs

All you need to know is that things change
But it isnt just things that do it, its everything
No matter the size or depth normal becomes strange
And its always for the better and worst despite hoping

In our reality there is no black and white anymore
There is only change and influence and pressure
History may repeat but it will never be exactly like before
Though there is stability in change that comes in a certain measure

One can fall in and find something that makes them climb out
It feels so heavy to the individual yet its just change to the population
And dont expect this to tell what all this change is about
Because there are no specifics or generalities just a sensation

The hardest thing i think is the acceptance in this instance
Being okay with what is different seems impossible
But i think that in the end we will see its true importance
Because with age and wisdom everythings somewhat plausible

Or maybe understanding of change comes with thought
All i know is my life still has many twists and turns ahead
But i hope that this true love in the end is what i got
And this is actually all i really wanted to be said