Two Thousand And Twenty Three Part 1

Written by: Marycile Beer

Through my Magic Window 
I see the cowboys on the hill
Trying to convince the cattle 
That they have had their fill

"Jist goes ahead un snuff nu blow 
Cause ut er a thousan' miles ta go
Bafor youse'll be left un youse own," 
Called out Lester Lowe

"Two thousan' un twenty three a youse long horns 
Er in fer a travelin' spell'"
Said Samuel the trail boss as he helped his drovers 
Move the drifters to the dell

"This air youse first time," 
He sez to Little Zeke
"Jist keeps um a movin'  
Un youse'll be a cowpoke by end a the week.

The first day went fine and Little Zeke did well
The same for day two, day three and four
He breathed a sigh of relief as Bob slapped him on the back
"Youse air uh real cowboy now ma man"

As they rode on
Each day was something like the last 
Then the desert dust gave way
To the fresh spring grass 

The drovers had to push harder 
Trying to keep the herd a moving
When the leader thought she was boss
Samuel and his rope proved that she lost