Two Thousand And Twenty Three Part 2

Written by: Marycile Beer

When night came, the cattle bedded down 
And the night riders making their rounds
Samuel would take a strole to the chuck wagon 
And Cookie would hand him his cup of coffee

As he savored it's taste
He'd check with Cookie to see 
If his supplies were holding out
Then find ol' Jack crawl aboard and make another round

The nights of stary bliss 
Or winds a blowin strong
The drovers were right there 
To keep things from going wrong

The rivers they did cross, 
Sometimes took their tole
Little Zeke was lucky to be on hand
He threw Luke a lasso and drug him to dry land

Some cattle were lost 
Due to the heat
Some they had to nurse maid
If they got snake bit

The prairie dog towns were dangerous grounds
For horses, cattle or cowboys 
Their holes were the cause of many a fall
With broken legs you can't ride a saddle

Nights in the bedroll
Days in the saddle
Day after day
They trailed the cattle