Two Thousand And Twenty Three Part 4

Written by: Marycile Beer

Grasshoppers in the food
Grasshoppers in your bed
Grasshoppers in your drawers 
Grasshoppers on your head

"Boys we's gonna hast ta push um
Tha weathers helpin too
I ain't got no idera how fer it air
Till we's kin find some food"

"Hey Cookie whar air fer breakfast"
Asked Samuel as he reached for his coffee
"What cha thinks Fried Grasshoppers" answered the old cook
Giving Samuel a dirty look

"Heared youse tells tha boys
We's gonna has ta push um"
"That's right gots ta find some grass perty quick
Jist two more weeks un we's 'll be at tha ranch"

A commotion from the herd
Samuel to turn around 
The cowboys were already on horseback
Heading for the sound

"Drat it" said Gabe as he entered the herd
"What are wrong," asked Samuel 
As he rode up next to Gabe
 "Looks like we's gonna has 'nother mouth ta feed"

The calf safely bedded in the supply wagon
Samuel gave the orders to move out
The cattle didn't need to be urged
They headed out in a huge surge