Two Thousand And Twenty Three Part 5

Written by: Marycile Beer

"Ain't got no prairie fire worries," 
Bob says to Little Zeke
"Lessen we gits some whar with grass"
And he kicked his horse in the ribs as they entered the pass

A week later they found grass
The cattle were starting to get weak
Samuel called a hault 
And all enjoyed the two day break

Renewed the drovers and cattle stepped out refreshed
Two days later the Platt River again came into view.
The leader she began to balk
Samuel put a rope on her and Gabe gave her a whack

As they reached the other side
Some riders topped a ridge
Everyone threw their hats in the air
And holler  "Here we is"

Samuel entered the bunkhouse
And to the window he did strole
He looked at the beautiful land
Bowed his head and said "Amen"

Cile Beer
August 17,2010