The Magic Window Explained

Written by: Marycile Beer

You have asked what I do see
From my Magic Window
If you really want to know
Sit tight here I go. 

From my Magic Window
I see the future and the past
Time before creation 
And time before man

Where the dinosaur moved
Through the rocky hills
And Eons later their remains
Give me a thrill

Where Adam and Eve
And the apple tree I view
If  I could only have been there
I'd have turned the serpent into a stew

How I love Noah's Ark
And the animals on board
Thanks to God we now enjoy
All but the dinosaurs

And what of the caveman
Who in rocky caves resided
Hand prints, pictures, wheel and fire
Have us all excited

There is Roman history, World history
War history and cowboy history
And what of the Indians as for their lands they fought
When the foreigners moved in and left them all distraught

Maybe I'll share 
My Magic Window now and then 
And if I bore you and you don't come back 
That's alright my friend

Cile Beer
August 16, 2010