From Mystery To History

Written by: Marycile Beer

My Magic Window revealed today
Rocks on the hill I didn't recognize
Then suddenly before my eyes
The rocks began to stray

Then the sun did add the color
Black or real deep red
They were too big for wildlife
But the pasture was supposed to be bare

I had to stop and chase some flies
So when I did return
The only things I saw move
Was on highway twenty fiive

Off and on all day 
I have scanned the scene
But nothing has shown up 
I guess,,,,,,,,,,,Wait

At the  bottom of the rubble
Something red did move
I held my breath till I turned blue
Could it really be true

What ever it was remains a mystery
It has turned to dark to see
So I guess it will become
Another part of history

Cile Beer
August 16, 2010