Written by: Adeola Yusuf Amuni

O butterfly of beauty,the harlequin of Herphrodite,
Cladded in sequin lace and golden floss.
Of royale regale you are sunk in lavender,
And the sequoia of colours beseech thee.
You are the true vine of adorations,
Of tartan floss you glow in majestic revelry.
In flames of passion you dwell in ale of winter,
Of flakes of emotion you tell the tale of summer.
O butterfly of beauty,the beauty queen of herphrodite,
Shaded in the opals of ace and lustre of pageantry.
Vermouth shall be let loose when the mount displays,
And the vintage of opera shall raise the vantage.
The verdant of vino and the lingo of linoleum,
And memories of maiden days lay in royal elan.
From the songs of fairyland you deem comply,
And the tongs of Maryland the theme apply.