The Journey

Written by: Adeola Yusuf Amuni

The Journey
To save the criss-cross that lay ahead,
Set in epoch the traveller throng along,
With equestrian gallantry to solve the puzzle,
In divine supplication to attain the obligation.
And thus desire to maintain direction require,
With all the might and plight that attach instill.
Like Gulliver’s travails,you avail adventure,
Permeating municipal boundaries along magnificent rat-a-tats.
A hope for destination drives the traveller enroute,
And thus a large heart bequests the end.
The air of benevolence a promise of succour,
Trailing on surveillance and sourvenir alike.
Looking behind for memories of root depart,
That is left to romance the caress of bellow.
Like the colours of rainbow,you are clogged in entrepots,
Trodding the weary lanes with valiant approach.
Every hurdle scaled,every mantle attained beholds,
The valour of reminiscence on labour rend.
And seams renascent on time will concur,
The journey to the realm aspire.