Hush now.

Written by: Gareth James

Hush now, close your tired eyes
 For tomorrow there will be brighter skies
  Rest now, for you have made your mark
   You will be remembered when it all turns dark

    Hush now, the pain will end I swear
     I will remain by your side, for I am always there
      Rest now, for you have had your time
       And I know you are young and in your prime.

        Hush now, for you are journey bound
         Take his hand and follow, rise off the ground
          Rest a while; you don’t have to fear any more
           God’s love awaits you through his glittering door

            Hush now; listen to the angelic call from above
             With you always, in every whisper with all their love
              Rest now, for his arms will embrace you always
               We love you and will miss you throughout our lonely days