Creation Of Damnation

Written by: Chris Smith

I have created life from death 

Proved I can cheat the reaper 

I have created the eternal man 

Brought him back from oblivion 

And still they call him a monster 

Let them mock me, I will not be stopped 

Let them try and storm this castle 

No one will control me, I am the Baron 

And they will bow down to my will 

I will rule with an army raised from the dead 

I gave him life, why does he defy me? 

He is my creation, his life is mine 

How dare he try to turn against my will 

How dare he try to be free 

He is mine, and he will always be mine 

We fought and he believes me to be dead 

I now lie here broken on the ice 

But no matter where he may hide 

I will hunt him down and destroy him 

The world has not seen the last of me, I will return