A Sympathy Card

Written by: linda smith

How can one compose words
to express how we feel about your loss.
We blindly write little things like
"sorry for your loss"
"thinking of you during this difficult time"
I cannot make myself put those words to paper.
I sit looking at a blank space and think...
What would I want to read?
I can't perceive what it would be.
I try to put myself in their shoes,
I'm glad they don't fit.
Some have such eloquent words,
that you know come from the heart
they wear upon their sleeve
and share with others.
Not me! I'm devoid.
So sadly, I write...
You are on my mind
and I'm here always.
God gave me these broad shoulders
so  I would have plenty of room
for your tears.
We'll meet, cry, laugh, and cry some more.
And in time, we'll both feel better.
We will heal together.