I Can't Do This By Myself (( I've always needed a hand))

Written by: Jesu Johnson

Every since I could conceive,    
or even catch a notion,
before I could even think,     
to put my first foot forward,
to take my very first  few steps,
placed into motion.
I realize,
I needed a hand,
just to stand,
there was someone else,

I couldn't do it by myself.

Before I uttered my first spoken word,
clearly with no hesitation,
someone was there,
teaching me,         
simply how to say it.

Before I merely perceived,
in confidence,
did not relent,
stood firm,
for what It is,
that it is,
I believe,
there were
simply examples,

People there
to show,
I realized then
came to know,

I didn't do it by myself.

When I hollered,
screamed, to the top of my voice,
I'm grateful to know,
I have a choice,
I can call upon many,
not just a few,
to lend a helping hand,
they clearly understand.

I can't do it by myself.