" In Maudlin Verse "

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

In maudlin verse his tale was told,
Of sailors, ships or captains bold.
Naught for us but fancy seemed,
Thought mayhap 'twas what he'd dreamed.

Of sea or song or adventure grand,
We listened well all us of land.
As wind caressed our mountains old,
In maudlin verse his tale was told.

In hope of journey without end,
We all to him our ears did lend.
Thus we found our hearts he rent,
In maudlin verse our day he spent.

His eyes were clouds upon a sea,
His voice cold wind of yesterday.
We found his tale more a plea,
In maudlin verse so swept away.

To us he spoke of sights so seen,
Of wonders imagined in deepest dream.
Of times of riches or days of lean,
To us his tale real did seem.

As he spoke dark clouds did gather,
Wind once swift now grew slack.
Sky once blue took hue of black,
In maudlin verse his tale he'd rather.

Worlds unknown yet discovered,
Moons above us the while hovered.
Maudlin was his tale that day,
Our very hearts so did he stay.