Unleashing The Devil

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Lord give me strength, but most of all I need understanding,
this old world has gotten crazy, unstable, and so overwhelming and demanding.
Things that you know are wrong, get the go ahead, the proverbial green light,
what has happened to our fortitude, our willingness to make things right.

Growing up if we heard the hell word used, most of us would blush a glowing shade of red,
now if you don't cuss, people think you're a little sick in the head.
You can color me old fashion or anything that you choose,
but I liked those old days much better, maybe I have lost most of my screws.

I think the sixties was a turning point for this country, what with the hippies and the
Vietnam War,
it divided this country, and left a festering scar.
That was when drugs and free love seemed to take center stage,
that was when my age group the “Baby Boomers” were the main rage.

I couldn't see it back then, all the damage we were doing,
but the storm clouds we created were savagely brewing.
All the good and right our forefathers fought so hard to protect and keep,
we destroyed and now what we sowed we must reap.

We created a monster that only God can make right,
we've unleashed the devil, and he's full bloom into flight.
Like the genie that is out of the bottle, there is no way to get him to go back,
he's feeding on our children, so evil a heart, so calloused and black.