Fear, trembling heart afraid of despair
Whirlwind thoughts assailing the distance
Frailly brave;strength woven in weakness
Irascible with no apology
Soft, tempted to touch
Like foam the body, an angel to my soul
Spirit relentlessly searching
Sagittarius to the marrow
Butts like implants
Tommy making babies
I don't care yet I do
As I walk, heart flutters excitedly wanting to
I long for you
Longing to say my first halo
Broad, big and strong 
Fragile, weak and soft
Complimentary contradictory  
Yet I remain defiantly unrepentant
I won't do it
Never would I
Even if the world wants me to
The walk, the talk, the disposition, and more
What a cheer deceit
Buried in the soul of her sweet dreams
The warrior must stand
I must
Cuz of the beautifully, wonderfully special person I'm
Sassy with black unrefined
Like it would never finish
Longing for lost words to fill in the gap
What a bridge left to be filled
But of a truth I know I can't be shortchanged in life
Cuz I'm destined for the top