His Words

Written by: David Pennington


The words He spoke fell upon my ears and rang throughout my mind. 
The words did echo a joyous sound within my head's confines. 
His words wiped clean my slate of wrongs and calmed my horrid fears. 
And As they took him with intentions of harm. 
I felt my eyes let go a tear. 
And within my heart then burns a fire it's flame it does not yeild. 
It stokes the glowing embers that lay within my soul 
And fills my being with love and yearns for passion still. 
I watched from afar as he took a path, one chosen by none at all. 
A rocky path of sweat and blood upon which he knew He'd fall. 
Not once nor twice but three or more his face did strike the ground. 
Each time he hit I felt the shame and the fears of those around. 
The weight He bore was of many, mine included too. 
As he walked a path not taken by any where he died for me and you. 

David Gary Pennington